Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Leonard Cohen’s Ambitions

Beetle: What have you been trying to accomplish through your music?

Cohen: “I’m unaware of any long term goals… From the questions you ask, you feel that the whole activity is much more deliberate than it is for me. It’s something I’ve always done and something that I will always do, as long as I have the capacity to do it. I don’t have any places I’m aiming at, or any large long term conspiracy in mind in terms of what to reach, where it’s going or what it has to do.”

Beetle: But you have ambition?

Cohen: “The only ambition I have is to survive and to keep alive and not to let the spirit die.” Cohen was silent for a moment, then added the after thought, “And to make a million dollars.”

Leonard Cohen in an interview with Pat Harbron in Beetle magazine, December 1973.



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