Sunday, June 10, 2012

Leonard Cohen’s Apology to a Ghost

There was the sole indiscretion, in my professional life, that I deeply regret, because I associated a woman’s name with a song, and in the song I mentioned, I used the line “giving me head on an unmade bed while the limousines wait in the street”, and I’ve always disliked the locker- room approach to these matters, I’ve never spoken in any concrete terms of a woman with whom I’ve had any intimate relationships. And I named Janis Joplin in that song, I don’t know when it started, but I connected her name with the song, and I’ve been feeling very bad about that ever since, it’s an indiscretion for which I’m very sorry, and if there is some way of apologising to the ghost, I want to apologise now, for having committed that indiscretion. 

Leonard Cohen discussing the revelation that Janis Joplin was the woman referred to in the song “Chelsea Hotel #2” in a BBC Radio 1 programme (UK), August 7, 1994.



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