Sunday, June 3, 2012

Why Leonard Cohen Continues to Sing

In 2001 he said: “When Alberta Hunter was singing many years ago, at 82, I came to New York just to listen to her. When she said ‘God bless you’, you really felt that you had been blessed. It’s wonderful to hear a 20-year-old speaking about love. As the Talmud says, there’s good wine in every generation. But I love to hear an old singer lay it out. And I’d like to be one of them.” 

Tim de Lisle reveals this comment from Leonard Cohen in “Hallelujah: 70 Things about Leonard Cohen at 70” originally published in The Guardian (UK), September 17, 2004, under the title ”Who held a gun to Leonard Cohen’s head?” 

Read more of this story and others on The Leonard Cohen Files.


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